The Bipartisan Presidential Press Conference

errr…debate This debate is nothing short of a publicly funded press conference for both the Democratic and Republican candidates. We have been forced over the years to choose the lesser of two evils. Is that really a choice? Unfortunately, those in power now will never allow a third party candidate to succeed until the people stand up and demand a real choice.

That being said, at least President Bush didn?t come off looking like a complete moron in THIS debate. I have to wonder why Senator Kerry didn?t point out that Bush failed to answer the last question in any substantive way. President Bush was asked to enumerate three wrong decisions he made, and what he did to fix them. Senator Kerry could have attacked the fact that Bush is completely unwilling to admit he has ever made a mistake, instead he chose to rebut Bush?s non-answer.

That?s really symptomatic of the problems with the Democratic Party: No Killer Instinct.

An ?undecided? voter on CNN commented that he was surprised that they both have yet to address the security of our northern and southern borders. Our borders are like a sieve, and no one seems to care.

John Walters, head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) recently said about the marijuana situation in Canada, ?We have to make security at the border tougher because this (Canadian grown marijuana) is a dangerous threat to our young people.?

Excuse me?!?! Why aren?t our borders as tight as they possibly could be right now?

Despite everything we heard tonight, in November we won?t be voting for the guy that will keep us safe, we?ll really just be choosing which path we?ll take on our way to ruin.


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