Libertarian and Green Party Candidates Arrested at Debate

Should I be shocked that the media coverage of the arrests was practically non-existent? The lack of coverage this story got is laughable! You can get a detailed play by play of the events of friday night at Michael Badnarik’s website. was probably the most recognizable media outlet to pick this story up, and despite the fact that I think comes down on the wrong side of most issues, they do show some common sense occasionally. (For instance, their recent coverage of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health Report, which calls for compulsory mental health screenings for anyone under the age of 18.) I should probably just face the fact that we’ve really lost any choice in this country when it comes to who’s calling the shots in DC.
I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. People ask me why I’m wasting my vote. I don’t see it as a waste, I see it as voting for who I believe in instead of voting for the guy I detest the least. Unfortunately, the reality is here in Texas a vote for anyone other than Bush is a wasted vote. All of our electoral votes are spoken for anyway.
I still hope deep down inside that the people of The United States will come to their senses at some point and realize that the only we we can affect change is if we all vote for change.

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