Classmates sue ‘Dazed and Confused’ director

Once again, greed rears its ugly head This is absolutely hilarious. I guess it took them 11 years to finally decide they were embarrassed? If the people who these guys do business with are so dense as to believe Linklater’s former classmates still live their lives like they did when they were teenagers, it’s time to find some new business associates. This is indicative of one of the biggest problems in our society today: wanting to cash in on someone else’s success. These guys just waited for Linklater to get established, and get a little money in his pocket, then it was time to “get paid”. If a plaintiff was held responsible for the defendant’s legal expenses in cases they lost, we could reduce this problem so greatly that this type of suit would truly just be a nuisance. Instead, it’s bringing our court system to its knees.


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