New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

The President’s ‘New Freedom Commission on Mental Health,’ in its report, recommended that all persons be screened for mental illness.

Beyond being Orwellian (‘New Freedom’?  I guess the “old freedom” guaranteed us by the Constitution isn’t good enough any more?), it’s Socialist, and it’s downright un-American.

In the Executive Summary Under Goal 4: “Both children and adults will be screened for mental illnesses during their routine physical exams.”
Do you want a government worker examining, prescribing medication, and (god forbid) counseling your child without your consent?
If the White House gets it’s way that is exactly what will happen. From
Bush to screen population for mental illness
Forced mental screening hits roadblock in House
Attempt to dump mental screening fails

From Ron Paul:
Forcing Kids Into a Mental Health Ghetto
Mental Health Screening for Kids- Part II

Please, take the time to review the following link and see how your representative voted.
If they voted for the amendment, call them and thank them. If they voted against it, call them and ask if they are in favor of governmental mind control of future generations, or did they vote against it because of all the $$$ they are going to pull in from the pharmaceutical companies that are going to see a big spike in profits if this takes affect.

The only people more in favor of this than the Republicans is the Democrats, so why not Vote for Liberty!


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