Sirius + Howard Stern is a Match Made in Heaven

With only a handful of shows left, I’m busting at the seams with excitement about Howard’s move to Sirius Satellite Radio. The creative flow released when the tethers of the FCC are removed will be mind blowing!

Many of the shows that have already aired have been nothing short of genius. ‘Tissue time with Heidi Cortez’ is just the thing to lull lonely geeks to sleep at night. Heidi tells sexy stories while pleasuring herself. One can only assume most listeners are doing the same. A particularly spicy show featured guest ‘David Letterman’ begging Heidi to act like Al Roker. When Heidi’s performance doesn’t measure up, ‘Dave’ urges Heidi to ‘Black it up’.

‘The Ben and Ray Stern Show’ was priceless. Howard’s parent’s fielded questions ranging from ‘Why did you continue to take Howard’s temperature rectally well into his teens?’ (Ray denies this is true. ‘Howard exaggerates,’ she says.) to ‘Did Ray really tell people that she was half black?.’ In fact, she did.

The flagship show of Howard 100 is ‘Howard 100 News’. A team of reporters bring you up to the minute news on all things Howard Stern. Each night at 6:00 PM EST you get the comings and goings of the Wack Pack, as well as interviews with regulars such as Ralph Cirella and Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund.

Couple this non-stop entertainment with exclusive sports content from the NFL and NBA, exclusive music from Eminem (Shade 45) and Bruce Springsteen. Shows featuring personalities like Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Lance Amrstrong, and Kelly Slater will tickle Gen-X’s fancy (Faction 28). What you get is a feast for the ears.