George Zimmer’s Trip to Lewisville

GZ in Lewisville, TXAfter 15+ total years with The Men’s Wearhouse I’m still inspired when I hear George Zimmer speak. The value this organization places on all of us is unlike any other company I’ve ever heard of. I work with such an incredible group of people. We are an incredibly talented family. Many times we frustrate each other, but everyone cares deeply about the others success.
When George got my attention at the Christmas party the night before and said that he would definitely be coming to our store the next day I couldn’t wait to get back to the table to tell everyone it was for sure. We’ve been having a great year, on top of a great year last year. Add to that the fact that one of our guys, Alex, got ‘Rookie of the Year’ that night and it was sure to be a special visit.
We had two new people starting that day, and what a day to come on board. We didn’t really expect him until later in the afternoon but just as we were putting the finishing touches on the store and trying to drink enough coffee to cure our hangovers from the party Mo says, “George is standing out front.” We were all shocked. It was only 10:30 am and we were all hurting. George walks in the door and asked, “any mild hangovers today?” We all groaned laughter. Along with George was our District Manager, Rodney, and George’s brother-in-law who was taking pictures for Fortune Magazine. (I think this bodes well for our placement in the best places to work for!)
For the next hour he talked clothes and business, and we all listened intently. It would have been better had we been busy, but George kept the Customer Service Associates busy by having them pick a new tie for his outfit. He took off his old tie, signed it, and gave it to Mo. He was speaking later that day at a charity event, so he had to run, but we all enjoyed the chance to meet the man.

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