Oh Ticket Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Over the last 3 months since Big Dick Hunter was fired I’ve found myself listening less and less to The Ticket. At first I attributed it to the fact that I wasn’t listening to Big Dick on the way home, so my radio was no longer tuned to 1310 AM when I left for work in the morning. Now I think it’s the quality of the programming. I’ve always found Dunham and Miller just barely listenable. Was it not for Gordon Keith I wouldn’t listen to The Musers at all. Apparently I’m not the only one whose finding the ticket harder to listen to, just check out the latest Arbitron ratings, pay close attention to the trend. The station has been in decline since Jeff Catlin took over for Bruce Gilbert as Program Director, and has gotten even worse since the station was sold.  (Bruce Gilbert left The Ticket to become GM for ESPN Radio Network)
Anyone who would let Big Dick get away must be missing something. Cancel the show, that’s fine, but I would’ve found a way to use his talent.I got Sirius Sattelite Radio a little over a year ago, and have listened to it almost exclusively since. The only exceptions were Howard Stern and The Ticket. I still listen to BaD Radio and The Hardline occasionally, but nothing like I used to. I was a confirmed P1, even frequently choosing The Musers over Howard Stern. Now, I have a hard time listening to more than one segment without changing the channel. I don’t know what changed, but they just don’t hold my interest anymore.
I only hope for Richard that he made some good contacts while in New York, he would be a perfect fit for Howard 100 .
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