Howard Stern Makes First Appearance on Sirius

Howard is Free!
On January 1st, 2006 at about 12:15 AM EST Howard makes his debut on Sirius Satellite Radio. A simple phone call by a groggy Howard Stern may change the face of radio forever. While being coy when questioned about his reported marriage to model Beth Ostrosky, Howard was at no loss for words. He proceeded to talk for over an hour about the move, his vacation, his New Years Eve dinner with Tom Chiusano, and even provided commentary to a playback of his early days on WNBC, but evaded questions about his reported marriage. He would only say that he would discuss it on January 9th, and that it had nothing to do with his secret revelation on January 9th.
He was joined briefly by show producer Gary D’ellabate (aka Bababooey) who complained briefly about how crappy he felt, and hung up.

I’m sure this will be just a small taste of many great years on Sirius for Howard. Cheers Howard! Welcome to the free world of Sirius!

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