TimeTrax is at the top of my gadget wishlist. It’s a box that connects your PC to your Sirius or XM satellite radio. If you’re like me, you already have your Sirius receiver connected to the line in on your pc via a 1/8″ pin jack cable.

So what makes TimeTrax so great?

TimeTrax is also a software package that allows you to use your PC to schedule recordings of satellite radio much like Tivo does for TV.

It automatically creates properly tagged MP3s of each song recorded!

Just leave it going overnight, and you’ve got yourself a nice library of music.

They make a prduct called TraxCatcher that works with FM radio as well. The TraxCatcher is basically a docking station for the included MP3 player. It will record music directly to the MP3 player with no PC connected. You only need the PC to store and organize your music.

This might be the coolest add-on gadget to come along since the iDJ.

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