The Revolution Has Begun!

At 6 AM EST today Howard Stern debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 100. Then again at 6 AM PST he premiered on channel 101. The show got off to a rocky start. Just a few minutes in they had to cut to music because of feedback on Howard’s microphone. After a few minutes though, everything was back to "normal".

Howard did, as promised, discuss his rumored marriage to Beth O. They are not married. Although, he did lead the rest of the gang on to guage their responses. I don’t know if angry is the right word, but they were all flabergasted until they found out the truth.

There was definitely some content that would have never made the air on old fashioned terrestrial radio. The discussion of whether the word ‘cunty’ is a dirty word, the call in number 1-888-9ASSHOLE, and Captain Janks’ phony phone call to CSPAN where he asks Dennis Hastert if he has a big dick. The funniest bit had to be when they played Led Zepplin’s ‘Black Dog’ interspersed with clips from Pat O’Brien’s infamous dirty phone message. Warning! This MP3 is Dirty, Filthy and Nasty!


"Hey, hey mama gonna make you move gonna make you move gonna make you *insert loosely rhyming Pat O’Brien lewd suggestion here*".

UPDATE! Download the mp3 here!

The highlight of the day had to be the introduction of the recently outed George Takei, of Star Trek fame, as the show’s new announcer. George wasn’t afraid to discuss anything, and had opinions on most things. He was the one that settled the the ‘cunty’ discussion by pointing out what it did refer to.

The much anticipated revelations were read on the air today:

  • Someone cheated on his wife, who caught him in the act.
  • Someone once hid in a bathroom closet and pleasured himself while watching family members relieve themselves (reportedly an aunt and a cousin, according to Will).
  • Someone got a girl pregnant in the last year and had to pay for her abortion.
  • Someone is addicted to porn and prefers masturbating at least twice a day over real sex.
  • Someone spent $10,000 on internet porn over the years.
  • Along with one of his friends, someone hired massage girls who stole their money without providing any of their services, leaving the pair together in their underwear.
  • Someone pleasured him or herself using meat and vegetables.
  • Someone has a half-sister who he or she never wants to meet.
  • Someone has had cosmetic surgery.
  • Someone once had a guy ejaculate on their chest.
  • After waking up from having his or her stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning, someone was having his or her genitals fondled by an acquaintance of the same sex

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Today’s show also featured a press conference that featured a bevy of beautiful female reporters along with MSNBC’s Keith Olberman.
Howard 100 also added Superfan Roundtable host Jon Hein (Jump the Shark) as a full time employee, co-hosting the wrap-up show with Bababooey.

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