George Takei is Golden

Whether it’s getting into a heated debate with someone he believes is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, or discussing the sexual benefits (taste-wise) of eating the right foods, George Takei has been a huge aquisition for The Howard Stern Show.

On Tuesday’s show George chastised an Ahh-nold impersonater for not signing the gay marriage bill into law. The whole time believing he was speaking to the real Arnold Schwarzenegger! Here are a few things “Arnold” said while pulling the wool over Takei’s eyes:

He didn’t “give a sh*t” about George and his family being in an internment camp during WWII.

He agreed to sign the gay marriage bill into law if it crossed his desk again in exchage for a “reach around”.

He said he was smoking weed and high on Vicodin.

When confronted with a replay of the call on Today’s show George was mortified, saying, “he wanted to believe” he had the forum with the Governor.

Howard read email after email praising George, and indicated he may be keeping George in the studio for more than the planned one week.

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