Tabbrowser Extensions and WordPress

Now that I’ve migrated from Blogger to WordPress my blogging world coudn’t be any better.

Well, except for one thing. My favorite must-have extension, Tabbrowser Extensions, doesn’t play well with WordPress 2.0.

When inserting a link or image into a new post the popup window hangs at half complete. The link or image is inserted, but if you hit cancel on the popup Firefox crashes. You can just close the popup, but sometimes it will crash. The only solution I could come up with was to replace Tabbrowser Extensions with the much less customizable, and must less functional Tabbrowser Preferences.

This is quite a disapointment. If anyone has had any success changing some of TBP settings and got it to work with WP2, let me know.

The one bright side of this whole situation was I ran across a great new extension – IE Tab. This extension actually opens a new tab in Firefox using the IE engine, eliminating the need for IE View.

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