Could I speak to Juan….err, Jose?

I think I pulled the ultimate white-guy move last week.

I walked into the local Verizon store with my fiance’ to upgrade her phone. Just a week earlier I had signed up for new service, and bought an awesome new LG VX9800 (‘The V’) phone from a good salesman who made a point to give me his card, and sent me a thank you letter.

We went in to finalize the purchase by picking out a phone for my fiance’. She wasn’t there when I signed up, so we went in to swap out the “free phone” for something she actually wanted (Samsung SCH-a950).

So, naturally I asked for Juan…

The man and woman behind the counter looked at each other with confused looks on their faces. Then the (Hispanic) guy said, “do you mean Jose?”

I sheepishly responded, “uh, yeah…Jose.”

How embarrassing. I’ve always considered myself “down”. I live on the east side, in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood. I don’t like living in the white bread suburbs. Here I am committing one of the ultimate white guy moves.

Thankfully, to the chagrin of one of his co-workers, Jose was so busy that he turned me over to another guy.

When I was told that Jose was busy, a mature white woman snapped, “of course Jose’s busy! If I spoke spanish I’d be busy too!”

Thank God I really don’t care what people think, otherwise I would’ve been mortified.

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