A Nation Of Suckers?

I originally found this article while googling Ron Paul, but as I delved deeper I discovered one of the most succinct explanations on how our current foreign policy only weakens our national security.

From the article:

Ron Paul vs. A Nation Of Suckers: Why We Won’t Listen To One Man’s Common Sense About Terrorism
In acting from trauma, Bush-Cheney let our enemies decide our actions. They did exactly what Bin Laden wanted. They followed his script to the letter. They invaded the Middle East. They made the world dislike us. And they built up our enemies, the terrorists, by acting as Al-Qaeda’s main recruiting agent. They’ve been played for suckers by a terrorist. They’ve made all Americans the suckers of Osama Bin Laden.

. . .

The greatest irony of all is that we’re killing the wrong guys. Instead of hunting down Bin Laden from a sense of justice, and holding Bush-Cheney responsible for doing this, we’re quagmired in their rhetoric about “the war on terror.”

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