Fox Edited Second Airing of Debate

Did anyone else watch both the first and second airings of last Thursday’s Republican debate?  I DVR’d the first airing, but since it went a few minutes over I missed the final few minutes.  The schedule didn’t show a re-airing, but after the Hannity & Colmes post-debate show wrapped up at eleven (CST) the debate started again.  So, I just recorded the next 3 hours of programming and went to bed.

Here comes the interesting part…

I wanted to see Dr. Paul’s response to the electability question again.  (You can watch it Here!) I watched at first on the fastest fast-forward speed stopping only to watch Dr. Paul’s answers.  After several ‘re-watchings’, I began to think that I was hearing the same thing twice.  At the 1:14 mark of the debate John McCain, concluding his response, says, “…we would be talking about more tax cuts today.”  The moderator then asks Dr. Paul if he supports a government program to help stimulate the economy.

I thought to myself, “hmmmm, didn’t I hear that earlier in the debate?”

So, I started it again, from the beginning.  Sure enough,  fourteen minutes in I get the same conclusion from McCain, and the same question from the moderator.  I finally concluded that the segment starting 1:04 and ending at 1:21 is a replay of the first 17 minutes of questioning.  The segment even started and ended in the middle of the candidates’ responses.

Why haven’t I seen more about this?

Does anyone care?

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