My Bailout Deal. Matching Funds.

I have a bailout proposal.  Of course, I am opposed to any taxpayer funded bailout.  I only propose this because I know there is no way it could ever happen.

Dollar for dollar matching funds.

The American taxpayer will match dollar for dollar any money contributed directly from the pockets of the executives and board members of the failing institutions.

The executives and board members have two choices in regards to their futures.

  1. They can either stay in their current position, open their books as well as the minutes of all board and executive meetings, and expose themselves to criminal charges and civil claims from shareholders.
  2. Or, they can serve out a 5 year penalty, during which they may not serve as an executive, consultant or on the board of any publicly held corporation, or financial institution, public or private.  If they choose this option they will be given immunity for any acts to which they allocute and they believe may be in violation of local, state or federal laws.  If any illegalities come to light that they were aware of and did not allocute to, they may be prosecuted for this crime.  They are still subject to civil courts.  If they are found to have violated this part of the plan by offering advice to a publicly held corporation, or financial institution they will be subject to property seizures much like drug dealers, and a mandatory minimum of 10 years in a federal SuperMax prison.

The funds from the executives will be used to form a corporation which will purchase only the illiquid assets.

An independently appointed board will run this corporation until the 5 year penalty expires.  At which time the suspended executives may actively vote as shareholders, and sell their shares as they see fit.

The funds from the taxpayers will be used to form a corporation which will purchase only the liquid assets.

The goal of the taxpayer owned corporation will be to sell the aquired assets at a profit as soon as possible and dissolve in 5 years.  100% of the proceeds from this corporation shall be paid to the taxpayers as a dividend.

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