Google Earth GPS Support Now Free!

I just got an email regarding Google Earth Plus stating that it’s been discontinued.  According to the email the primary reason people paid for Google Earth Plus was for GPS device support.  GPS support is now included in Google Earth 5.

From the email:

As a valued Google Earth customer, we want you to be the first to know that Google will no longer offer Google Earth Plus. With new enhancements to Google Earth released this week, we believe the needs of many Google Earth Plus customers will be met with Google Earth 5.0, which is freely available to all our customers.

The latest version of Google Earth lets customers import and track global positioning system (GPS) data. Our Google Earth Plus customers told us GPS tracking is one of the main reasons they choose Google Earth Plus. Now, since you can use this feature for free in Google Earth 5.0, there’s little separation between Plus and the free product. In order to simplify the decision of which version of Google Earth best meets our customers’ needs, we decided it no longer made sense to continue Google Earth Plus.

I’m definitely one of those customers.  The only reason I paid for GE+ was for the GPS support.  

Get Google Earth 5.0 here.

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