Things Seem Greener on the Other Side

I joined a an Internet bulletin board the other day in an effort to get a valuation on some items I’m trying to sell. I posted pictures of the items. Being that the people on the bulletin board were collectors, many of them were eager to ask questions about the items and emailed me directly.

One of these gentlemen was from British Columbia, Canada. We’ll call him “Bill”.

Bill really liked one of the items I was selling, but lamented the fact that he had just purchased another similar item and really didn’t have the extra money because he was waiting to have surgery.

He and I proceeded to exchange a few emails. I told him how much I loved the Northwest and thought it would be great to live there. I also wished him the best regarding his surgery.

This was his reply:

I know things seem greener on the other side until we dig into it a bit further. It is like the so-called free medical we have here, if you can get it it is free. So people die before they can be treated as the waiting list is so long and the quality is really substandard. Most of the doctors that were any good left for jobs in the US and the ones that remained are from India, China and places like that without proper training here. If you want something done in a hurry you pay for it yourself and get it done in the US. That is what all the politicians do here. Thanks for the good wishes though, I’ll need it here.

I’ll tell you the same thing I told him:

Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better validation of my feelings about government run health care.

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