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  • Matt 6:07 pm on October 29, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Is it the Socialist Pot Calling the Kettle Black? 

    It’s pretty funny when you hear McCain tell us that Obama is a Socialist, considering McCain’s voting record.

    • McCain voted for the largest social program since the New Deal, Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Program).
    • He also supported the horribly ineffective federal socialization of our educational system (No Child Left Behind).
    • He’s been crying since the campaigning started about the fact that he chose to take political welfare, and Obama backed out.  Let me get this straight, McCain, a Republican, is mad a Obama, a Democrat, because McCain took a government handout and Obama didn’t.  (And people wonder what’s wrong with the Republican Party.)
    • When everyone finally started seeing that what Ron Paul was saying about the economy was true, McCain suspended his campaign and returned to Washington.  He didn’t return to protect the American people from a socialist bailout.  He, instead, locked arms with Liberal Democrats, including Obama himself, to redistribute the wealth from the American People to private industry.

    All we keep hearing about is Obama raising the tax rate on those people who make over $250,000 to 39% while McCain wants to keep it at 36%.

    So, the biggest difference these two guys can find with each other is three percentage points of a tax rate that will affect very few American’s directly.

    If they are down to debating this tiny bit of minutia, doesn’t that tell you something?

    There’s not much difference between these two Socialists.

  • Matt 11:53 pm on November 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Pat Robertson Morally Bankrupt? 

    In a Surprise, Pat Robertson Backs Giuliani – New York Times

    The idea that one would compromise their religious ethics for political reasons is abhorrent.  If one believes in God, will God not protect those who believe in him whoever is president?  Being that many Christians who support Giuliani site his role as a war time leader, by taking this stand Robertson is making it perfectly clear that he puts his faith in man before God.

  • Matt 1:24 pm on October 28, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Ron Paul Launches TV Ads In New Hampshire 

    Here are the first two TV Ads for Ron Paul in New Hampshire

    That last one is a little hokie, but we have to get the message out somehow.

  • Matt 2:05 am on October 25, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Straight Talk from Ron Paul – War Costs $8000 For Every American 

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